Home staging: decorate to sell your property quickly

Home Staging is the decoration of a flat or house to facilitate its sale to potential customers. The literal translation of this phrase would be something like “house staging”, although in Spain we know it more as a sample floor.

But it does not only apply in new construction. It is increasingly common to see it in the sale of private homes because of the great advantages it brings, both in the sale and in the rental.

It is a real estate marketing technique whose main objective is to accelerate the sale or rental of the apartment or house in question. It would be necessary to differentiate the Home staging of the interior design in a detail: the main objective of the Home staging is the sale or rental of the house while the interior design is to prepare the house to live in it. Generally, furniture and prepared decoration are not sold together with the house, but there is always the option to do so.

Like many other marketing strategies, its origin can be found in the United States in the 70s following the real estate boom that occurred in that country.

Home staging advantages


The advantages are centered for the seller of the house, since different market studies carried out between developers of new construction and real estate agencies specialized in the sale of apartments and second-hand houses, confirm the following points:

The first impression of potential clients is much higher in a decorated home than in an empty one
Increase in visits of potential buyers thanks to the photographs published in real estate portals and magazines attract more customers.
It is noted that promotions with sample floors and preparer floors for a Home Stager are sold at higher prices than others of the same characteristics and areas.

Decorated homes are sold up to 75% faster than others

FotoVideoCasa, a professional of interior design and decoration

This new home sales strategy has created a new profession, the Home Stager. These professionals are decorators and interior designers who work for the promoter companies to optimize the decoration of the sample floor by applying different decorating ideas that will give warmth, lighting, spaciousness and, in general, improve the presentation of the floor preparing it for sale or rent making it more Attractive to potential buyers.

The rise of this profession due to the success in sales means that in addition to developers, real estate agents and individuals, many banks turn to Home Stagers to sell more quickly the apartments they have in their portfolio.


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