Imagine for a moment that a second-hand car salesman had the cars for sale dirty and careless, would he sell one?

All sellers want to sell more and faster, but only a few ones get optimal results. If you are a real estate professional, here you will find some very valid tips to get more homes and sell them faster. No, do not make excuses, if you offer the seller something different to the rest you will get more properties in exclusive and if you offer well presented and clean properties to the clients you will attract more potential buyers.

This is the face wash you have to advice a seller to sell the property sooner.

When we want to sell a house, we only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. As soon as a potential buyer enters your ad on the internet, you have only a few seconds before they move on to the next one. If the house does not look good on your photographs and video, you will be losing a sale without even knowing about it.

The vast majority of buyers are looking for their next home in the network and one of the decisive factors when it comes to causing a good or bad impression are the photographs and especially the video, since a property with video receives 60% more visits from potencial buyers.

It is true that, nowadays, we all have wonderful mobile phones that allow you to take great photos and videos, but in such an important moment as the sale of a house, it is worth it to resort to a professional who takes care of getting the most out of it match to the potential of the property. The advantages of video and home staging can be endless and the return on investment can be shocking.

If you want your homes to look like a cover for a decoration magazine, follow these tips:

Decorate with head …

One of the best ways to improve a room is to have a good collection of accessories. A small stack of design books on the living room table or new pillows can give a refined and updated touch to the space. Hang an occasional painting on the walls or on the fireplace and check that it fits in the photograph or video and that it provides color. Also, it is better to group items in odd numbers and in different sizes, so get rid of that set of identical candles that you have on the dining table.


… but without going through

Just as Coco Chanel advised removing a supplement just before leaving home, you should also reduce the amount of odds and ends in the house. The accessories are important, as long as they are available with taste and minimalism. A bookshelf overflowing with books and gadgets can become a visual nightmare. Organize them by sizes and / or colors.

Obviously, as soon as you order your house, you will find that you have rid yourself of lots of things: when a professional orders and prepares your house for an audiovisual report, they often end up throwing away almost half of the owner’s objects, thereby housing seems much wider. Keep your things in a storage room, in your new home or in the attic of a friend.

Take care of the bathroom

Along with the kitchen, a clean and attractive bathroom is an important hallmark when it comes to selling and will go through a careful scrutiny by the potential buyer. Although the bathroom has been slightly outdated, it can be easily beautified at a minimal cost: you have to remove everything on the sink except the soap, fold some towels and expose them on a shelf, change the shower curtain for a new one , fresher and clearer and, most importantly, check that the toilet lid is lowered. It is not nonsense.

Do not forget the little details

Those boxes that have been under the bed for months and you think that they will not be seen in the video of the bedroom will be seen. We must collect everything that we consider useless, in this way we will make the video very attractive. Remember that first impression is the most important when you intend to surprise a potential buyer who is looking at hundreds and hundreds of homes online.


More tricks:

  • * Hide the cables. The cables of the TV and other devices are fatal in the videos and photos. You can always plug them back in once the audiovisual session ends.
  • * During the report you never have to have the TV on in the background.
  • * Although sometimes it is impossible, you must try to remove all vehicles from the entrance or move them away from the door of the house. The same with garbage cans (both inside and outside the house).
  • * Try not to make the reports on clear days: sunset or cloudy days offer much more balanced lighting without the need for retouching.
  • * Avoid leaving pets or people in the video. We know that the owners want their dog or cat as a child, but a future buyer may evoke only bad smells, dirt or even allergies. Remember that you sell properties, not animals or people.

Clean, clean and clean

We are not only talking about the countertop and the floor. You should paste a review of the entire house, from the coverings to the carpet and curtains. We insist: it is important to adopt a critical perspective before the image of the house. Maybe the owner does not mind his garage packed with junk, but buyers, yes. Do not get stuck with the idea of ​​a dirty door, window or wall; otherwise, they will begin to consider what other aspects of your home you have neglected.

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