Ten tips to enjoy the “Fallas de Valencia”

The Fallas de Valencia is the main Festival of the Capital of the Valencian Community and one of the most popular at the National level. This Festival is declared a World Heritage Site.

Enjoying the Fallas de Valencia is without doubt a special experience, but also exhausting. That is why, in order to survive the five Great days of Fallas, you have to know fundamental aspects that will help you to enjoy one of the most famous and immortalized Festivals in the world.

The Fallas de Valencia is one of the best parties to enjoy, as long as we follow a series of recommendations that we detail below:

Which? Of course wear comfortable clothes, rest, eat and hydrate well, and arm yourself with patience…

The ten tips to enjoy the Fallas 2019:

1. Always wear comfortable clothes:
The clothes must be comfortable, functional and light during the day, since the weather in Valencia tends to be almost spring. During the even winter night, it will be better to go warm clothes. Remember to use sneakers or casual shoes for the long walks.

2. Open to eat and drink
Your stomach has to be prepared for the uninhibited and uncontrolled mixture of paella, buñuelos, chocolate, churros, fried, sausages, sándwiches, wine and beer.

3. Remember to rest
Rest is very important. The day begins before dawn and ends well after dark to take advantage of every minute of Las Fallas. Monuments, celebrations and religious traditions, are mixed between mascletás, castles of fireworks and musical pasacalles. The activities are endless.

4. The noise.
In Valencia, as in most of the parties that are celebrated in the Valencian Community, the noise of the firecrackers is part of the party. Experts advise against covering your ears before the endless succession of explosions that dominates the acoustically saturated environment of a city taken by the cult of gunpowder (despertades, mascletades, fireworks, fireworks and firecrackers, as well as the ‘shooting ranges’ improvised in squares and parks). Better open your mouth.

5. Patience and planning
Faults and agglomerations go hand in hand in these five days of authentic madness. It is therefore very important to plan well what we would like to do every day and certainly to arm ourselves with patience to avoid unwanted burdens.

6. The weather
Although at this time of year in the Spanish Levante we already enjoy a fully spring weather, we must bear in mind that the difference in temperature between day and night is great, so if you do not want to catch a good cold, remember to keep warm by the night. Sometimes it rains and blows so much wind that some Fallas fall before the fire ritual on the 19th of March.

7. Typical expressions
The “fallero” is an own vocabulary whose best dictionary is to walk the street. “Despertà”, “mascletà”, “cremà”, “ninot”, “bunyol”,” xocolatà”, “de categoría”, “xé qué bó !”, “senyor pirotècnic” and “quina barbaritat”, are all typical expressions.



8. The dressing.
The typical clothing of Las Fallas is known worldwide, and is a great attraction for tourists who immortalize their encounter with Valencian women combed with their bows and adorned with their spurs, liners, dressings and “mantillas”.

9. The map
It is the key to get to know the most important points of a city overturned at its most important moment of the year: the Town Hall Square (Municipal Fallas and Mascletaes), the Russafa neighborhood (lighting and fashionable area), the Plaza de la Virgen ( end of the Ofrenda and entrance to the Carmen neighborhood), the Túria Garden and the Special Fallas are the main reference points for both, local people and tourists arriving from outside.

10. Traffic
Do not even think about using the car. You will find a lot of streets cut to traffic during Las Fallas. The best option will always be to use the municipal transport or take a good walk while enjoying the festive atmosphere. The City Council of Valencia has banned the use of bicycles and electric scooters in several areas of the city.

So, If you finally decide to go to Valencia and enjoy “The Fallas”, keep in mind the tips we have given you.
¡¡SENYOR PIROTÈCNIC, POT COMENÇAR LA MASCLETÀ!!”. (¡Sir pyrotechnician, you can start the “Mascletà”!)


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