Video marketing for Real Estate Companies

The video has reached the Real Estate sector to stay.

A little history

Renew or die, this motto is essential in the real estate world.

In the 80s the first real estate agencies began to emerge, before they appeared, real estate brokers or friends were who reported where a home was sold or rented.

For decades the real estate companies have offered their homes in shop windows, the most affluent used informative brochures or striking advertising billboards along the busiest roads.

With the arrival of the internet, most of the real estate companies began to offer their homes through their websites or real estate portals.

Currently almost all web pages are the same, without a differentiating touch that makes them stand out from the competition, regarding real estate portals we can say that they are becoming less effective, due to the overcrowding of them since you must spend a lot of money to be well positioned and visible to customers.

The saying is well known that if a real estate agency is not on the Internet, it does not exist, but the agencies have to consider some differentiating element to stand out from their competitors.

One of the most significant developments is the video marketing applied to the real estate sector.

Today, the use of videos in the real estate sector is a differential factor for real estate agencies, reaching up to 60% more visits to their properties.

Video marketing has many advantages such as, for example, the clients can “visit” from the real estate office a greater number of homes, or the international buyers who reside in England, Norway or France can visit the properties from the living room of their home without leaving their country.

How is it achieved? Using real estate video marketing.

For years, different technologies such as virtual reality have been used. When we hear 360 or virtual reality we all come to mind the typical glasses that are used to play video games.

Regarding them, we must take into account the high cost of good glasses and the possible risks involved in their use.

In addition, this technology does not allow us to share homes through the most powerful tool that currently exists to attract new customers, social networks.

Too complicated and not very effective, right?

However, there is a much easier and more effective way to capture the attention of customers without having to use those bulky glasses, which almost nobody has in their homes.

We must also take into account the consumption habits of our potential client, and according to Google statistics, the peak hours to surf the internet are from the office or just after dinner while watching television or chatting with the couple, in neither case the virtual reality is effective to capture the customer’s attention.

Advantages of using real estate video marketing

There are several advantages offered by the use of video marketing for real estate agencies, here are the top 10 reasons:

1. It is cheaper and more effective than other technologies.

2. It is a strong argument for the capture of exclusive housing.

3. Homes with video receive 60% more visits on the internet.

4. Homes with video receive more attention from potential buyers.

5. Easy to share with your national and international partners.

6. Show the house on your social networks, website, exhibitions …

7. Having a house with video is like having an Open House 24/7.

8. It is a very powerful tool to achieve a good positioning in Google.

9. Help in positioning in real estate portals.

10. Simple to use by the end “user”, just to give the “play” and watch the video, regardless of the device (computer, tablet or mobile) he is using for viewing.

As you can see, there are many advantages of video marketing that will make you stand out from your competition, and will help you to capture the attention of both clients needed to sell a property, the selling client and the buying client.

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